Data Centre

Information Managers makes use of an environment that has been built from the ground up using industry leading enterprise grade technology. The infrastructure is hosted in a state of the art Data Centre, located in Sydney, Australia.

The data centre provides unparalleled levels of security for your data and hosts Australia's leading telecommunications, government and financial institutions. The data centre is strategically positioned on the edge of the Sydney CBD, this preferred location provides abundant "last mile" fibre and will offer customers the greatest choice in access to leading Internet backbone providers in Australia and premium International links.

The high quality Cloud network infrastructure is suitable for any type of business and/or organisation wanting the most reliable and secure hosting environments and is continuously monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Data Centre Power

Operating to an enhanced Tier 3 standard the data centre has diverse 34 kV feeds feeding a backup power system consisting of 22 diesel rotary UPS systems. Final distribution to customer suites is in a 2(N+1) configuration. The N+1 telecommunication rooms located at each end of the data centre are populated by most of the major Domestic and International Carriers providing customers with unrivalled access to connectivity.

The data centre is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere with over 34 MW of onsite power generation capacity.

The data centre features floor to ceiling height from 3.6m upwards and floor-loading capacity of 12kN/m2 and is conveniently situated on the edge of the CBD but not on the same electricity supply.

Should a commercial electrical power failure occur, your business is kept up and running by:

  • 3 x diverse 20 MVA feeds feeding from the National Grid
  • Highly efficient DRUPs installation supported by up to 22 no-break Rotary Diesel UPS sets
  • iverse A+B+R supply, distributed via 11kV rings within the data centre
  • On-site diesel tanks (6 x 60,000 litres) support 24 hours at full capacity with 24x7 diesel delivery

Physical Security

The latest in camera systems monitors both interior and exterior facilities around the clock. Access is limited to authorized personnel only, and strictly enforced by electronic access cards, biometric scanning, mantraps, and security guards.

Building Management Systems monitor all essential mechanical plant and SCADA system for all electrical systems

Environmental Controls

To reduce downtime, the data centres feature advanced fire suppression systems, surge suppression, specialized heat and smoke sensors, separate fire zones below the floor and above the ceiling, raised flooring for improved server environment, as well as temperature, humidity, static and airborne particle controls. There are 6+1 4.5MW water cooled chillers, with Diverse chilled water distribution pipe work (ring main type) throughout data centre with N+1 flow and return pipe work via N+ 1 riser.

Connectivity and uptime

All the infrastructure has been built with N+1 redundancy to ensure that your site is always open for business. This includes routers, Layer 2 and 3 switches, power system generators in addition to our regular grid electrical power, and our backbone. Each server is protected by fire suppression system and multiple air conditioning systems (HVAC: Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning). In addition, a supply of drives, network cards, processors, motherboards and every other piece of equipment that has even a remote chance of failure is keep on the premises. The data centre also utilises multiple iSCSI SAN backup servers for data storage and recovery.

Network Connectivity

All web routes are advertised across multiple upstream bandwidth providers in order to achieve routing redundancy. The network infrastructure is deployed in an N+1 configuration in order to avoid any single point of failure, being carrier neutral and accessing multiple telecommunications providers.