Case Studies

Our assignments consist of a variety of solutions to a variety of market segments. Assignments in some representative market segments include:

Web Hosting and Web Development

The Requirement:

Asia Pacific Sports Management required an Internet presence to disseminate information on it sports programs.

Information Managers designed, developed, implemented and continues to support a web site to allow APSM to manage its various sports programs. One of the crucial design requirements was to allow the tailoring of web pages for individual schools, clubs and leagues.

Web site development examples

Program Office Support

The Requirement:

A Federal Law Enforcement Agency required the establishment of a Program Management Office.

Information Managers helped determine how the PMO would function within the organisation, and assisted with the implementation of the Prince2 methodology.

Systems Analysis and Development

The Requirement:

The Northern Territory Library required a refresh of their Library Management software.

Information Managers in conjunction with Libraries Alive! we provided project management and technical advice to the senior management of The Northern Territory Library on their Library System Replacement Project. This involved the development of a detailed project plan, and the creation of a Current System Assessment report that fed directly into the Request for Tender document. We oversaw the tendering process and provided assistance on the

Software Application Testing

The Requirement:

Storage Technology Corporation (Sun Microsystems / Oracle) required assistance with the testing of their software products.

Information Managers was responsible for managing the system and acceptance testing of research and development software products being developed by Storage Technology Corporation. The testing effort included validating the correct operation of all the functional requirements that were developed for the products. Information Managers also created a Software Testing Methodology that was adopted by the entire organisation.